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Premium produce, sourced directly from the origin

At Licious, we work closely with our farmers to ensure the best ethically-raised breeds that are administered nutrient-rich feed under stringent biosecurity protocols. Utmost care at the source is what sets our quality beyond ordinary.


Scientifically designed central production Unit

Our first-of- its-kind world class production unit is temperature-controlled to ensure that meats, fish & seafood products retain their nutritional value and natural goodness.


Compliance to stringent quality checks

Our highly qualified team of doctors & chefs strictly comply with the FSSAI hygiene standards for handling & processing to offer you premium grade gourmet meat, fish and seafood products.


Delivered fresh every day

Day’s cut lamb and chicken from our farms, and day’s catch seafood straight from the coast, delivered chilled and not frozen so you get meat as fresh as it can get.


Experience extraordinary cooking

Our premium meat, fish and seafood products are cleaned, wastage-free & cook faster with minimum moisture loss so you get more value for your money.

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